005 // The picture says it well

Last fall I applied for graduate school. A lot of stuff was happening during those months and I did not feel too comfortable or confident with my applications. To counter the rejection sure to come my way, I sent my application packet to more schools than necessary. The schools would reject me, I thought, and thus help me make my decision.

About 2.5 months have passed since I hit “Submit” for my grad school applications. My first letter arrived within three weeks, and they’ve been trickling in since. So far they have all been letters of acceptance.

The flurry of emotions surrounding this is complicated. Part of me wants to call it luck (“luckily they’ve all been acceptance letters”), but that would diminish the effort exerted to get to this stage. Part of me wants to bury my head in the sand and let someone else make the final choice for me – it would absolve me of fault if I fail sometime in the future (“it’s because I went to X University instead of Z University, and So-And-So picked it out”).

Mainly I feel incredibly grateful. Grateful for the work I put in to get where I am today. Grateful for the opportunity to go back to school and study something I find interesting. Grateful to know that there are people, programs, and schools out there who think I am a worth-while investment. Grateful that the most complex decision in my life right now is answering the question “which school should I attend?”

Someday I will share with you the list of schools I applied to. Maybe I will share their responses. There might be information on how I made my final decision. All of it will wait until after I put down my deposit and accept a spot in the program.

From one of the schools. 2/6
From one of the schools. 2/6

Until then, anyone want to tell me where I should go?

Time spent: 30 minutes


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