007 // Life updates – school

Life these days is quite different from life three months ago or six months ago. As I alluded to earlier, I spent my fall concussed and applying to grad schools.  The acceptance letters started pouring into my inbox in December (seriously, though, how many times can I use “in” in one sentence?) and I was flummoxed. Schools wanted me? I had to be the one to make the decisions? Why weren’t they rejecting me? If they rejected me, I wouldn’t have to make a decision.

Nope.  I had to make a decision. But I didn’t want to make the wrong one.

So I reached out to my network and asked them all the same question: you have five resumes in front of you and they are the exact same. Everything is the same, except for the education. One has and MS in public health from school A, one has an MS in public health from school B, and the last three each have an MPH from school C, D, or E. Which ones are your non-starters, and which ones are your top choices?

This line of questioning proved to be the right one. See, my goal with this program is to learn while I’m here, but also to help me get a job afterwards. So if the people who hire people say that there are schools that they consider above all others, then it makes sense for me to choose those schools.

At any rate, I narrowed it down to three schools, two I had gotten into and one that I was still waiting to hear from. And from there I made my decision.

Now I can say that I am at one of the top schools of public health in the world and will be here for two years. My first term is completed and it looks like I did really well. I also accepted an offer to do a dual-degree program so at the end of two years, I will have a total of six letters to tack on to the end of my name.

Time spent: 7.4 minutes