016//the people in my life

When I was younger I spent a lot of time trying to make people like me, and trying to fit in. I wanted to wear the right clothes, buy the right shoes, and have the correct color nail polish for my manicure. But in reality I preferred wearing jeans, wanted to choose my shoes for comfort, and accept that I hate wearing nail polish and getting manicures.

In recent years I have learned to be more true to myself. I admit more readily that I may have the movie tastes of a 13-year old boy and would rather watch Transformers and the Avenger series than anything else, or that my hobbies fall in line with those of an 80-year old woman and that while I watch Transformers my hands are busy knitting a sweater, or making a counted-cross-stitch stocking. It is owning who I am, and the confidence that comes with it is phenomenal.

Even more recently, though, that includes accepting people into my life who make me a better person. Sometimes that includes cutting out people who do not. Yesterday it meant cutting out someone that I haven’t been able to let go. Someone that I once loved dearly, and have now missed for longer than I loved. He has moved on, and despite my best attempts, I haven’t. It has hurt to see it happen, and I needed to stop. So I no longer see his posts on Instagram, removed his contact information from my phone, and “unfriended” him on Facebook. I hope it helps.

But if it doesn’t, I may need assistance. It has been two years and I haven’t managed it properly myself.

Time spent: 21 minutes


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