017//India journal, day something

I’ve been in India for a few weeks now, and some aspects of traveling by myself have changed in the last eight years, others have not.

The wanderlust has returned, and with it the desire to explore and experience. I crave the adventures and find myself planning little trips. In Germany it was weekends in Berlin, Dresden, Munich. In France it was weekend trips to Paris, 10Ks run in the Black Forest, fashion shows in Greece, and time spent tasting honey in Aix. Spending time in Asia is no different – I have tabs up on my computer for weekend trips to the Taj Mahal, a trip to Rajasthan, a week kayaking and biking in Kashmir, and tours of tea plantations in Darjeeling. The goal is to determine what kind of shenanigans I can safely experience each week.

But there are other aspects that have changed. I used to be okay traveling alone, enjoyed planning my trips and experiencing the world by myself. I was accepting of travel buddies but generally enjoyed being by myself. This trip, though, I find myself wishing that I had someone. Someone to travel with and plan with, someone to call with tales of my adventures, someone to look forward to meeting in Kashmir, or Darjeeling, or take pictures with at the Taj Mahal. I’ve never felt so lonely, and that’s probably the biggest change of all.

Perhaps that will change someday, but there is a fear that I will spend the rest of my life traveling by myself, and coming home alone, and that there will never be someone to call about the journeys, or who will be excited to join in on the adventures.


Time spent: 27 minutes



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