020 // little thoughts, 2016

1.       Figure out where you stand on different issues, but be willing to learn more. You may change your mind.

2.       In 2013 I noted that you should only buy shoes that you want to wear around Disneyland for the day. That goes for heels as well.

3.       Networking is invaluable. The common refrain is that it isn’t what you know, it is who you know. It is cliche, but very true. I have not yet gotten a job, or even an interview, just because I filled out an online application. I have, however, gotten interviews and job offers resulting from networking. Don’t know how to go about it? I gave some beginner tips on post #19 (and I’m not a networking wiz or anything – these are just the basics that I use).

4.       Being single is not a bad thing. It can be difficult. Really really difficult, but not necessarily bad. Learn to be happy being single.

5.       Beyond keeping some spare clothes and toiletries in your car, also keep a gallon of water and a paper map. Personally, I keep an orange crate in my car to hold all of the “just in case” items.

6.       Before you get frustrated learning something new, watch a baby learning how to walk, recall how much time you spent in piano lessons and practicing scales, or count the sketchbooks you filled with doodles. Everything you are good at today took time and practice. Remembering that makes learning something new so much better.

7.       Each month do something to bolster one of your professional interests. It doesn’t always need to fit on the resume, but you should be able to learn and grow.

8.       When you are not okay, ask for help.

9.       It is okay to want to spend time alone. Putting on sweatpants instead of participating in a pub crawl can be just as fulfilling.

10.   Shift your view on nutrition. I don’t aim for well-rounded meals. I aim for okay days and a balanced week. It takes much less stress off the individual days and I eat healthier in the long run because it is easier.

11.   Don’t text and drive. If you are a passenger, do not let the driver text unless the car is parked on the side of the road. Save lives, folks.

12.  Vaccinate. Vaccinate. Vaccinate.

13.   Compassion, grace, and courage. That’s the goal.

14.   Give yourself 5-10 minutes to be frustrated about something, but then move on and figure out how you are going to take care of it. Wallowing and self-pity are not sexy or useful.

15.     I cannot even begin to enumerate the ways in which complaining about other people is counter productive and harmful, to them and you. Just don’t do it.

16.   Going back to school full-time really does get more difficult with age.

17.   So does travel and jet-lag.

18.   Be present when spending time with family and friends. Put the phone away and do not look at it. Put it where you won’t forget it, but don’t touch it. Spend time with the people you love and give them your full attention.

19.   When people get upset, it is rarely about you. It may be about how you made them feel, but it will nearly always be about them. Seek to understand their perspective instead of getting defensive.

Time spent: 32 minutes


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